What I’m doing this week: Jan. 6

It’s the first week of January and I’m having a love/hate time with 2017. It’s not very cold for long periods of time because South Floridians literally live Global Warming. But I started being more useful with my time, realizing how much of it I have when I don’t waste it.

And now that it’s 2017 and we’re all in ~goal mode~ I started a bullet journal, which I’m sure you’ve seen every. where. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Because of this wonderful great fantastic amount of time, I’ve got some things to share. Here’s a roundup of a few things I’m doing this week, from reading, writing, and hearing. If you want some more info on any of these things, leave a comment or tweet @ me and maybe it’ll be a longer post in the future.


Women can’t catch a break even when it’s the lowest of low-wage work.
Pew says nearly 70 percent of Americans still support Roe v. Wade and that’s including 53 percent of Republicans.
Maybe stop shaming the homeless and just let them be like Hong Kong does.
Conservative churches are growing as liberal ones are dying.
Men don’t want to do a woman’s job so instead they’re just not working.
“Bisexual men are like climate change: real but constantly denied.” As someone who reports on the LGBT community for South Florida Gay News, I was enthralled by this article.
Smart cities are popping up and I’m kind of jealous I don’t live in one.
I’m catching up on *very old articles* and finally got around to the mistaken science of Shaken Baby Syndrome.
For books, I started on Pulitzer-winning “A Visit From the Goon Squad” and made my reading goals for 2017.


How to get your workout on without the expensive gym membership.
If you want residents to pay off their old debts, give them time, not money, to show them how.


I’ve been low-key obsessed with avocado toast for upwards of a decade, long before it became a ~thing.~ When avocados got super pricey over the last few months here in South Florida, my favorite breakfast/snack got nixed. But then I finally found a good deal last week at Trader Joe’s and welcome back avocado toast! I can eat it plain, but tend to stack bacon or sausage and an egg on top. Avocado: nature’s butter!


How to find my representatives because chances are, we’re going to need a handy list for awhile.
Pocket because I’m kind of behind.
CoSchedule, my favorite social media scheduling app right now.
No better time than the beginning of the year to get your money right. I’ve been using Mint for six years. It’s helped me get two new cars, three computers, and thousands in savings. This year I’m trying out the 52-week savings challenge in reverse.


When I finished my 50 books in 2016, I got to catching up on old podcasts that are probably no use to you here, but some of my faves:

Reply All: Boy in Photo — An amaaaaaazing story about a photo on a message board grew into a small cult following for years until the show digs really deep into the dude in the picture.
Call Your Girlfriend: Giving and Gifting — There’s this moment in the first quarter of the episode where Amina talks about being better and it’s something I’ve always strived to do. But there was something about hearing other women, strong women, talk about it that made me feel so much better about living in this really not great world right now.
Long Distance POPcast: The Year of the Bummer — My dear friend Claudia and her friend Matt host this podcast they started last year and their year in review is awesome/sad. Remember those we lost, movies that came out, the best shows you may or may not have caught, and other things in pop culture.

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