What I’m Doing This Week: March 3

I’m so damn behind on my weekly roundups that I have two magazine articles I wrote — a month apart — featured today. News is sad. Even Moonlight didn’t get the recognition they deserved because more people are like how did this happen?! More than “Rightfully so this movie won the highest award in the land.” Ugh.

The good news is that my husband got a year older and we’ve been eating cake all week. The bad news is that we’ve been eating cake all week.


Lower-educated men think women should be punished if they don’t change their name. Before we got married, this was the conversation my husband and I had about last names:

Me: “I’m not changing my last name.”
Him: “Good. I don’t want you to.”

Locally, WLRN may get taken over by the Miami-Dade School Board and ain’t nobody got time for that. If you’re down for supporting good journalists, journalism, and making sure journalists hold the powerful accountable, support SPJ.

Gloria Steinem is still crushing it. One of my favorite parts: “I realized the problem began with the fact that adjectives are mostly required of the less powerful. Thus, there are ‘novelists’ and ‘female novelists,’ ‘African-American doctors’ but not ‘European- American doctors,’ ‘gay soldiers’ but not ‘heterosexual soldiers,’ ‘transgender activists’ but not ‘cisgender activists.'”

In case you needed some proof on how reporters get treated when trying to do their jobs.

Unfortunately a necessary article: Why men should care about Planned Parenthood.

More sad lady news. Women in labor are getting turned away from hospitals despite a law that says otherwise. In some cases, they were turned away and not actually given any help or guidance on where to go for labor. As if which hospital to go to is front-of-mind for women in active labor.

I’m rushing to finish the really great The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks because my library book is due on Sunday.


Everyone is looking for extra cash. It’s March and that doesn’t mean you’re any richer. Here are some quick ways to earn extra cash.

I interviewed the legendary Monty Trainer about lots of things, including his time in prison.

One Fort Lauderdale resident lost his father to oral cancer and his mother has survived a few bouts with the same disease. Now his company is fighting oral cancer by using technology to diagnose it sooner.

The short but meaningful stint of Fort Lauderdale’s second-ever architect, Francis Abreu.


My dear friend Adam Amin and his buddy Steve started a podcast about the beloved Aaron Sorkin show “Sports Night.” I’ve never watched it but since it’s streaming for free on ABC, I’ve started watching it. After every episode I finish, I listen to one of Adam and Steve’s shows. I loved the West Wing and Newsroom, but never had a chance to watch this Aaron Sorkin original. I’m so glad I’m getting into it!

I was behind on podcasts and listened to Long Distance Popcast’s Oscar’s preview episode after the broadcast aired. It was way funnier than it should have been. I’m still LOLing at Oscar-winning Suicide Squad.

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