The judged and approved

Stop being so negative and eat a taco.
Stop being so negative and eat a taco.

People live in a bubble. Only the judged and approved are allowed to exist. We cannot look different, talk different, walk different, or even judge you differently than you are judging us. Everything must be the same.

I don’t know a person who doesn’t judge. But I do know many who don’t let their judgments inhibit their outlook, their behavior, or their lives. I don’t think we can live a life judgment-free, but we can stop making it so damn hard for others to live in our world.

You question everyone who doesn’t do something by your standards.

A mother nursing in public? In most countries, it’s called feeding your child.

A man in a speedo? This is allowed. You have the same junk, some just show it differently.

A person looking to restart their life after prison? I don’t get this one. You can spend your entire life saying you believe in the good in people but the second you see this yes box checked on a job application, it goes in the trash. This isn’t right.

I know I judge daily, many many times each day. I judge the man who sped up to slam on his breaks at the red light. I judge the woman who wears clothes too tight for her body, and the woman next to her wearing clothes too big. I judge the screaming child at the grocery store and the mother letting him. I also try my best to smile and move on. Is your life that bad that you would look at the reckless driver with your own impatience and road rage? Would you snuff the women who don’t meet your attire standards? Would you reprimand a family grocery shopping? How do they affect you to the point of disgust? They do not matter to you, because you do not matter to do. Do you.

You can stay in your bubble, but it doesn’t exist. There will be people who enter your world that you don’t want there simply because they don’t fit your criteria. How will you manage if you have no idea how to accept them? Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s going away. Turn away, forgive, and smile. You’re life isn’t so bad.

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