It’s maybe not a good idea to tell people you do things on the internet and not give them a place to see what you actually do here. When I started this site, it was to share ideas, thoughts, opinions, and stories, as well as showcase my work in other places. But then I got […]

The judged and approved

People live in a bubble. Only the judged and approved are allowed to exist. We cannot look different, talk different, walk different, or even judge you differently than you are judging us. Everything must be the same. I don’t know a person who doesn’t judge. But I do know many who don’t let their judgments […]

The tan one

She’s looking her age now. Her dark, tan color has slowly faded to white. It’s illuminated at night when we walk—the light of the moon shows it off. She’d be happier if the clouds covered it. She’ll be 8 years old this October. I’ve had her since she was six weeks old. I could barely […]

Today I learned… July 25, 2014

I buy Ziploc bags in bulk at Costco every few months. One time I needed a baggie and realized I was out, so I used plastic wrap instead. It made due, but it was annoying and took much more time than I had originally cared to dedicate to wrapping food for my lunch. Since the […]