Why I’m Giving up (Buying) Books This Year

My bookshelves, set up nearly two years ago, missing a ton of books that have been added between now and then.   It’s not like I spend a ton of money on books. I buy them used, usually during mega $2 sales at my local favorite used bookstore. But it’s not necessarily about money. It’s […]

What I’m doing this week: Jan. 6

It’s the first week of January and I’m having a love/hate time with 2017. It’s not very cold for long periods of time because South Floridians literally live Global Warming. But I started being more useful with my time, realizing how much of it I have when I don’t waste it. And now that it’s […]

My favorite productivity apps

There isn’t a person who knows me that isn’t aware that I’m into hyper-organization. My desktop is never cluttered (for long) and my filing system, both paper and electronic, is next-level neurotic. I’m one of those I can’t have unread notifications or I freak out type of people. Surprising no one, I have a few […]

My books of 2016

I read fifty books this year. FIFTY! I took on this challenge knowing I could do it, but still: at the end of it, I’m surprised I was able to complete it. But I did it! I tried keeping these summaries up throughout the year but it didn’t work out as well as I had […]

Happy muffins

I don’t know how I fell in love with making these muffins, but somewhere around 2010 I went in search of a really great banana bread recipe. I found a few different ones that had some great things about them, but alone they were OK. Together, they were amazing.