Why I’m Giving up (Buying) Books This Year

My bookshelves, set up nearly two years ago, missing a ton of books that have been added between now and then.   It’s not like I spend a ton of money on books. I buy them used, usually during mega $2 sales at my local favorite used bookstore. But it’s not necessarily about money. It’s […]

My books of 2016

I read fifty books this year. FIFTY! I took on this challenge knowing I could do it, but still: at the end of it, I’m surprised I was able to complete it. But I did it! I tried keeping these summaries up throughout the year but it didn’t work out as well as I had […]

The books I read in 2015

I read a lot. Just check Instagram. At some point after college, I realized I had enough free time to read for pleasure that I was unsure how to handle all my glee. The last few years I’ve taken the Goodreads challenge and have hit the mark every time. Last year I vowed to read […]